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    Tim Klopfenstein

    Deckhands cannot be leveled beyond 1009 without causing a major malfunction.

    Some powers are useless (treasure box odds can be improved only if said treasure boxes actually exist).

    Some powers don’t work (discounted prices for upgrades sounds great, but they only change color early–you can’t actually buy them any earlier).

    Cloud Backup is broken.

    Perhaps other people can reply with further issues.


    Jeff Lott

    Level 1009 is the max I can go as well before it messes up the deckhands. At that point, I Prestige out, collect my Mana, and start again.

    What Powers are useless and what Powers are broken?

    I’m finding that the 8 Powers I’ve bought so far, and upgraded all to a min of level 3, all seem to be working and increased their powers accordingly.

    My Power of Grenwich is level 3 and I am getting treasure boxes quite regularily.

    I haven’t tried Cloud. Maybe that is why when I installed on a new phone, it started from the very beginning eventhough I was logged into my Google account?


    Adam Westbury

    Agree with Tim.
    I am not confident that the following are working
    1) Rare fish chance – I have not noticed an increase
    2) Treasure box chance – Not sure
    3) xxx% Fish gold – I seem to earn less gold now than pre prestige
    4) xxx% Critical chance – no increase noticed
    5) any of the xxx% All damage – clicker started at 1hp. I am now 5600% increase but only 32hp.

    I do not use cloud either.

    I have not got deckhand to 1009 yet on upgrade to c onfirm still an issue.

    In addition Grim and Joan fish are appearing twice on the screen at once. One is inactive the other is animated.

    The hit points for lucky strike are also appearing at the very to part of the screen and you can only see the bottom half of it.

    Still love the game


    Alden Scott Gardner

    I’ve noticed some very odd things the last few days. I’m somewhere around lvl 25 or 30, but the fish still only have 29 HP. I think they also are not dropping the amount of gold that a fish of that level should drop. And the gold drops way off on the right side of the screen where I can’t see it


    Michelle Marrow

    just upgraded to a new phone and would like to have Ocean Clicker on the new one without starting over again. how do I do this? I tried to install on new phone and it wants me to start from scratch.


    Tim Klopfenstein

    The Cloud Backup feature might have been able to help you out, I’m not sure. But that feature has been broken since (I think) about three major updates ago.

    I have had to do the same, by the way. But now that the leveling has gone all weird, it’ll be really hard to have to start from scratch. If you restart the game after each boss, you’ll at least be able to maintain the old (1.0.3) progression rate. Otherwise, you’ll just breeze through about ten leveled at a time, fighting the same (low) level fish and bosses, then BLAM everything finally catches up, and you’re unable to upgrade (’cause all those fish you breezed through also only paid that low-level reward), and you’ll be broke.


    Jeffrey Lott

    Now I’m noticing the same issues as the above have mentioned.

    In addition, when saving gold and upgrading player level by more than 50 levels at once, everything goes all buggy and advancement freezes. (No points coming off the opponents hit damage and/or no gold being added to total.)
    Had to blow 500 pearls just to be able to advance for everything to freeze up again.

    Not much for consistent maintenance happening and the forum is getting spammed again.

    I think its time to remove the app and find a clicker game that works.


    Tim Klopfenstein

    That thing I mentioned about the leveling being all weird… Jeff, if you restart after each boss, you’ll see normal game progression. If you blast through fifty levels, and you watch the displayed fish (and boss) levels, you’ll soon notice that they don’t match anymore. That’s the problem. The Fish and Bosses don’t level along with the game, and their payout doesn’t increase either. That’s why you’re shelling out pearls to catch up. It’s maddeningly slower, but in the long run it pays off to reboot afternoon each boss.

    Tip: new leveling issue also means that once you’ve lost to a boss, as long as you fight it again before rebooting, you have unlimited time to try again–and you still get the payout!

    Tip: If you only want to beat a boss, and don’t care about the payout, just double click the Fight Boss button, and poof, you’re at the next level.



    Can you guys post your User ID’s so I can export you and try to see what’s up?

    I’ve also seen reports that version 1.22 doesn’t even load for some? Anyone seen that?



    Alright I believe I fixed backups.. it was deleting any newer backups.

    I need you guys to play the game for a little, so I get your backup data..

    and then I need your User ID.. so I can test.


    Tim Klopfenstein

    My (latest) user ID is 10640.

    I recently restarted, so I don’t have all the powers I used to.

    Tight lines,



    Jeffrey Lott

    That’s what i was experiencing too but didn’t know how to explain it.

    How did you find your uid?


    Tim Klopfenstein

    Jeff: Click the gear symbol in the upper left hand corner, and look at the bottom of the page that opens up. There you should see your yid.

    Tight lines!



    Tim Klopfenstein

    And now I am getting involuntary shutdowns of the game. This frequently occurs when the game is trying to come back from watching an add (for the gold boost–which usually means I have to watch another ad to get the reward); but perhaps most frustrating, is when it happens during Golden Spirit. Then, I get none of the gold, don’t defeat the boss, but I lose my Golden Spirit power. Grrrrrrrrrr…



    Tight lines, everyone…



    Adam Westbury

    Uid 8
    The gold coins appearing on the right of the screen only happed if your deck hands are fishing and defeating the fish without the player tapping the scree. If you tap the fish once the coins fall as normal.

    I am not having any issues levelling. L242 AMOC 1315

    however the ads to get the 100% coins has been broken for a while. Mine doesn’t shut down but once the add has played the screen goes black with a small X in the top right of screen. Once you press it it can take many seconds to teturn to game play. Between 4sec and 8sec but it does seem to be getting longer.

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