Can we go past lvl 1009 yet?

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    Jeffrey Lott

    All my deckhands are level 1009 now.
    Is this still the max deckhand level?

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    Tim Klopfenstein

    Yes–but it is tricky.

    The best way, is to level up all your deckhands to1009, and then it gets interesting.

    If you break them starting with Seawitch Elisandra (sp?), and you level her up as far you can before the game resets. Even though her info won’t change any more, she’ll continue to level up (as long as your gold holds out), until the next time the game restarts. After that restart, all her stats will be n/a, and grayed out. But all your other deckhands won’t be broken yet…

    So, repeat with the next highest Deckhand, one by one all the way to Diego–taking each as far as possible before the game restarts…

    Problem is, now you can not earn any gold for all that leveling, if you don’t restart the game after each boss–so yeah…

    What I described USED to be possible, at least back when version 1.0.3 was in place…


    Tight lines…


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    Jeffrey Lott

    So that’s basically a no, eh? Lol

    I’ll check back periodically to see if that gets fixed, or if that’s going to be the maximum deckhand level.

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    Adam Westbury

    Hi all.

    Uid 8

    Yes you can. I have DD at 1445 and SE at 1022. I have closed game and opened again no problems.

    You can still beat boss by double clicking fight boss.

    Sometimes fish double appear with one animated and 5he other still but not as often as prior.

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    Tim Klopfenstein

    Boss timer still goes into the negative on my second boss fight attempts… It’s awful handy, if it’s not a glitch!

    Tight lines, everybody!


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    Jeffrey Lott

    Thanks guys.
    Definitely can go beyond 1009 now.

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