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    T. A. Klopfenstein

    I’m still having this issue.

    I can provide screen shots, if that would be helpful.

    Basically, if you try to play normally, you’ll defeat a boss, and the game will go on to the next level. But the Fish won’t. No, they’ll stay the same level they were before you fought that boss. And, the next boss will also be that same last level’s boss. In fact, if you go crazy, and blaze your way through dozens of levels, each fish and each boss on the way through–will be of the same level as the fish you first faced… Great news, right? Well, not exactly. Problem is, those Fish and Bosses also are stuck with their same teeny original payout too. That means, by the time you’ve advanced a bunch of levels, and the game decides to let everything catch up, you’ll find you can’t defeat anything. Why? Because you’ve skipped a TON of earnings, and a TON of upgrades, while blazing your way through.

    The only solution I’ve found, to prevent this absolutely devastating blow to gold earnings, is to restart the game after each boss. For some reason, the Fish go ahead and advance to the correct level, after a game restart, as do the bosses.

    But having to do all those restarts is killing my interest in the game–so…

    Can we maybe get this working again the way it used to?

    Further issues (or weirdnesses):

    The flashing Treasure Chest in the corner, is how you collect the Gold your deckhands have earned while you were away from the game. This has NOTHING to do with the power, Clover of Grenwich. This power does NOTHING AT ALL. It would be kind of you, Joe, to either refund all the Mana wasted on this power and its upgrades, or to maybe add a Treasure Chest game feature–one that could actually be affected by this otherwise completely useless power.

    The Charm of the Krakken is another one, which costs Mana–but doesn’t work as advertised. This power promises a percentage discount for upgrades. Sounds great, right? Problem is, at the properly discounted percentage, the upgrade turns things blue (or yellow–as the case may be)–making those upgrades look really tasty and tempting–but you still won’t be able to buy anything until you’ve saved up the FULL PURCHASE PRICE. Those upgrades are as locked as ever, they just LOOK unlocked! Oh, what a terribly cruel tease… Again, Joe–refund the Mana–or better still, make this power do it’s job, please!

    The display is still acting odd, dropping deckhand-defeated Fish coins off the right-hand edge of the screen, and critical hit dmg numbers sometimes appearing at the very top. Some Fish are still displaying weirdly too–with double overlapping images–but that does seem to be getting better for some reason.


    Tight lines, everybody!

    ___tklop (user ID 10640)


    Jeffrey Lott

    The more advanced you get, the worse it gets, i have noticed.

    Prestige #6, player level 1550, area level 307.
    Each time I have cashed in Prestige and moved up a Prestige level, these issues get worse.

    Have you noticed this as well?

    I’ve paid better attention to the charms increases to our powers, and now agree that they aren’t giving the boosts they should.


    Adam Westbury

    Uid 8
    Just prestige for #25 time.

    Got to L88 fast. Shut game down. Restarted and now game is stuck. Fish is xxxBB and hit points are xxT and i have no coin to upgrade anything.

    Will check in daily to see when fixed



    Jeffrey Lott

    I have this happen every time I Prestige up. Always endind up spending pearls to Make It Rain.
    Wasted 700 or so because of this bug. Now, I’ve used cloud to go back to before my last Prestige and am just hanging around until its fixed.

    Ive been enjoying the game when it works, but damn, it’s frustrating playing something so buggy.


    Adam Westbury


    All good. Used 100 pearls to get 7cc coin.
    Must have been a calculation error somewhere.




    I beleive I fixed issue with previous fish not properly updating hp/gold values.. Let me know in version 1.24.

    Checking Power: Charm of Krakken now.



    I’m sorry for the lack of updates.. but that’s what happens when there’s a lack of donations to the game. 🙁


    Tim Klopfenstein

    Thanks for stopping by, Sir Joe!

    I will be looking forward to 1.24… If the fish leveling gets back to normal, I’ll be making a small donation!

    Looking to the future, perhaps some new Deckhand upgrades, so Knight of Night doesn’t have to drag all the other dead-weight deckhands along behind…

    Also, could we maybe get some Mana credit for our AMOC and for leveling up our skills? I know I sure would appreciate it!

    Perhaps I’ll start a “Suggestions and Feature Requests” thread, after 1.24 launches…

    In the meantime, tight lines everyone!


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