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    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that I’m working hard on the game still.

    Currently re-doing lots of the game so it can be played in the top 15 countries that are playing it, in their own language.

    I’ll try to push any bug fixes I see here, with this next big update.

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    Tim Klopfenstein

    Great move, Captain Joe. I’m an American, living in The Netherlands. Need any help translating into Dutch? Not that Google Translate can’t go a long way, but it also once translated a weather forecast into “spicy hail”.

    Anyways, best of luck with everything going forward, Captain.

    But don’t forget about that temporary mana boost reward for donating idea!

    Tight lines everyone,


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    We are doing a Dutch translation, for sure could use your feedback on the translations.

    I’m still working super hard on it.. taking a lot more effort then I originally planned on.

    Pretty close to being done.

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    still working non stop on this………

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    Very close to getting this released along with fixes to the Viewing video ad issues..

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    Just released version 1.60. Took way longer than I wanted.. and I ended up re-upgrading the game engine.

    We had problems with it before in a previous release months ago, but I’m hoping it runs better now.

    Please let me know how the game plays now.

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    I’ve downloaded the new version and the internationalization stuff is working, it immediatly changed my language in italian after update awesome. And i’m seeing some translation errors that should really be fixed, that if you want i could help with it.
    Now i’ll watch how the game runs in the next few days, keep it up with this awesome game. And also with Fish wrangler that i’m playing from almost 7 years.
    ID 316

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    Manulax, I might make a feature for you to submit updates on how to change code.

    Right now you can see how I’m translating the whole game via: http://oceanclicker.com/api/i18n.php then select Italian at the top.

    The easiest fix is the report it here and to let me know what English phrase I should override it with for Italian.. (via google.com/translate)

    For example the word “on” as it Turn On a setting.. is overridden in other languages with “Turn On”, so it’s the right “On” word.

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    I’ll wait for the feature.. it will be too long at changing every single phrase.. But it’s really cool good job.. 😉

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