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    Tim Klopfenstein

    Frequently this occurs when trying to get back to the game after watching an ad. I click the little x to close the as, then after an increasingly longer time (sometimes up to twenty seconds), the game may return for a blink, or not. But frequently I don’t get credit for watching, and I have to watch another ad. Not the worst thing ever, but not how it’s supposed to work either!

    Another horrible time when it happens, is while I’m trying to click mad crazy for my Golden Spirit power. At these times, I always lose my Golden Spirit (at least until the timer finishes counting down again), and a always lose any and all Golden Spirit payout I may have amassed before the crash.

    Either way, bummer.

    I think it’s a memory issue. Seems like it anyway, not that I would know.

    It’s also possible that it’s just me!

    But I figured I should mention it just in case.

    Tight lines everyone,

    ___tklop (user 10640)

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    Adam Westbury

    This not happening to me. But more than often my add just does not play. Just a black screen then a small X in the top corner. I press it and it may take 30sec to return to game but then all os fine.
    Adam #8

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    Adam, how is your internet connection at these times?

    I’ll try to debug this after the internationalization stuff.

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    Adam Westbury

    Internet is fine. I am not sure but its like if i have seen the add once a day it just does not play again.

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    T. A. Klopfenstein

    Fortunately, this hasn’t happened while using Golden Spirit for a while.

    I think this too, is a memory issue, though it’s something that seems to happen even with Power Saver turned off.

    And yes, the reason I’m posting, it because it is still happening.

    Here’s what I notice:

    After I Prestige, I like to focus on leveling up my Fish Wrangler, so I often like to burn through those first levels like a raging mad-clicking wildfire.

    Problem is, at about level 50, things begin to get buggy. First, the screen begins to freeze, and become unresponsive; at first sporadically, then more frequently, then the freezes grow longer, then there’s a black screen, and either the game restarts itself, or I’m bumped to my device’s home screen (at which point, if I return to the app, it restarts anyway).

    This happens seemingly after I’ve leveled a bunch of stuff up too–especially when that leveling involves upgrades.

    Say I’ve just accumulated my first whopping huge pile of coins, using Golden Spirit against a Final Boss, and now I’m gonna upgrade all my deckhands 800+ levels. Well, by the time I’m done, the odds are good these same symptoms will start to emerge.

    What I was wondering, was if maybe it had to do with the way it’s all calculated… In other words, what if you get a sort-of sum-total of damage and-so-forth when you start the game (based on all the crap you’ve accumulated up to that point). Then each upgrade just modifies that original number. Well, if you upgraded a whole bunch of crap, maybe all those different adjustments in the damage/gold/what-have-you, are just too much for the teeny-little-brain in my smartphone… But then after those adjustments are re-summarized after a re-start, everything’s fine.

    Hell, I don’t know how it works, but that’s kind-of how it seems.

    Another reason I say that, is that it also seems that the higher in game-area levels I get, the more buggy things seem to get. Again, more calculations are needed with each tap. By the time I’m into the 400+ levels, all my Skills are getting up to pretty high-levels, and so are all the other numbers involved… Everything is just getting pretty large by that point (number of hit-points per fish/boss, amount of tap damage, amount of deckhands’ damage). And yeah–it just seems like it becomes a little too much for the device sometimes… And a reboot always seems to help too!

    Since everything goes so unresponsive, I’ve yet to get any screenshots to help me prove it one way or another, but I get the sense that I’m losing some levels, and perhaps some earned gold when these involuntary restarts happen. Maybe not, but it’s unsettling.

    Anyway, just thought you may want an update…

    Tight lines, everybody!

    ___tklop (user ID 10640)

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    Adam Westbury

    Happena to me also after prestiege around L50.

    Adam #8

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