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    Gloria Forbes

    can’t gain levels go up levels, whwn I go back to play again level is always low

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    Kathleen Cook

    Same here

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    What level ya at? What are your user ids?

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    Kathleen Cook

    I posted my issue here

    Why do I keep losing levels?

    My user ID is in there.

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    Adam Westbury

    Hi Joe
    This just happened to me. Went from L122 back to L120 after a short break away.

    Never noticed before.

    Adam #8

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    I’m seeing the same issues since the last update. I’m losing levels each time I reopen the game along with a message saying I was moved back to level X.

    Nathan id#3 currently level 152ish since last prestige and it keeps dropping back to 146

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    Tim Klopfenstein

    I had this too. I was offline at the time (though I have no idea why that would matter.

    It has not happened to me since I got back online and past the lower levels.

    It has not happened since I let my Deckhands’ treasure chest fill up either, so maybe that’s connected.

    I found it frustrating, but plowed through.

    What I wondered, was if the game thought I was stuck.

    Check out the original post (linked above this post).

    Tight lines everyone,

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    It’s based on how long it should take you to defeat a fish.. If it takes over X minutes, it’ll bring you back to a point that you can reasonably defeat fish.. I might need to increment whatever X is.

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    Gloria Forbes id 10770

    Levels go up and then down. Used cloud version that had a higher level but keeps going back to lvl 145 id is 10770. If you need ids to post you ahould include a line for it when you request our info.

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    Gloria Forbes id 10770

    Still happening. I had reached level 155. Tried using the cloudback up to get back to 155, it keeps bringing me back to level 145.

    Are you working on fixing?

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    Michelle Marrow

    Last night I was on level 129 and it dropped me to 123 this am. aggravating to say the least.

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    Michelle Marrow

    sorry, user id 16

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    T. A. Klopfenstein

    I do think the threshold should be higher. I am getting this problem now at higher levels too.

    Look: At the current threshold, at any point where the game bottlenecks, this “moved back to level xx” issue is going to be triggered. Since bottlenecks are unavoidable, I think it’s pretty clear the standard needs to be raised, before bumping players back.

    User 10640
    Area 380 (being bumped back to 377)

    Tight lines, everybody!


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    T. A. Klopfenstein

    Aaaaand now moved back to 378 again, because I had to answer my phone.


    Hey–I’m trying to bust my tail and earn a few extra Mana before I prestige, okay? So, why keep kicking me in my privates with these reversions???

    The payout at these levels (in coins) is crapola.

    The only deckhands making significant damage any more are Tiki Kanaloa, Knight of Night and Seawitch Elesandra.

    My AMOC has been impotent since level 140, so there’ll be no help there…

    And now, I’m being told I can’t even grind my way up to 380, so I can farm that boss, and MAYBE get those three deckhands to drag me up to 381? Aw, c’mon!



    Any chance we can adjust this with that next update too?

    Tight lines, everybody!


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    Tim Klopfenstein

    FYI, I’ve made it to 380, and am farming successfully…

    And the latest grind will surely turn into a brick wall soon enough…

    So, yeah. It’s inconvenient. But it just means I have to farm at lower levels longer…

    Tight lines everyone,

    ___tklop (user 10640)

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