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    T. A. Klopfenstein

    Uh, oh. Strange things are starting to happen.

    I hope I haven’t broken anything!

    Whether or not I’ve just restarted the game, I seem to be getting memory issues. When using Golden Spirit, the screen freezes, and the coins start dropping slowly (and in bunches). The Golden Spirit skill also continues to drop coins, even after the timer has run out (as though it’s trying to catch up with the massive back-log of clicks).

    The Wild Clone issue is also back, to varying degrees.

    Also, for a little while there, none of my screens at the bottom would open, so I was starting to worry I might not even be able to prestige, watch ads, buy pearls, or level anything else up! Luckily, a restart seemed to fix that, though it cost me a bump-back from Level 405 back to Level 404…


    I’m going to keep grinding on.

    I’m going to make 405, and see if the payouts start to gain momentum…

    Tight lines, everybody!



    T. A. Klopfenstein

    Ugh… Still no option to edit…

    Sorry, but I forgot my User ID: 10640

    Tight lines, all!



    Adam Westbury


    I can confirm the same things are happening to me also. But i am only at level 350.

    Adam #8


    T. A. Klopfenstein

    I hate to say it, because fixing it will cost me some coinage, but this issue is causing too large a Golden Spirit payout.

    It seems, with the caching and delays, or whatever it is, that so long as there’s coins on the screen, you can continue to keep furiously clicking your Golden Spirit power, even after the timer runs out. Even though everything stays almost completely frozen, lurching forward periodically, all those furious crazy clicks still seem to count–and yeah–they continue counting and adding up way beyond the timer.

    I’ve seen the timer (at the point the coins finally stop) at well over -240 seconds–resulting in (at least for me), a cumulative payout (approximately) 1000x the Make It Rain amount (that’s up from what was about 50x previously–for purposes of comparison).

    Don’t get me wrong, I like getting more coins! Even if clicking furiously for so long is also making my hands and fingers ache!

    So, yeah.

    Tight lines, all…



    T. A. Klopfenstein

    This is happening at low levels too.

    The same exact thing happened on my first Golden Spirit of this particular go-around, at Level (area) 85!

    I like the extra coins, but I can tell it’s not supposed to be working this way.

    Anyways–just wanted to confirm, that this seems to be a problem throughout the game.

    Tight lines, everybody!

    ___tklop (UID 10640)


    T. A. Klopfenstein


    This seems to be related to memory and/or CPU usage.

    The reason I say that, is it gets a whole lot worse when I turn on Power Saver mode on my phone.

    With Power Saver on, I’ve been able to click for about six minutes, before the coins stopped dropping. The higher the area, the more intense the problem seems to get (that example was at Area 405).

    Anyways, just thought maybe I’d toss that out there–whether or not it’s diagnostically helpful information remains to be seen.

    In any case, the info certainly can help other users get more coins–and maybe carpal tunnel syndrome from excessive clicking… After all, six minutes of two-handed clicking at top-frenzy pace is downright painful!

    I guess that’s a sort-of equalizer though, isn’t it? Use this information to gain an advantage, and you’ll probably end up
    paying for it with a bit of soreness and aching in your fingers and hands… But what’s that they say? No pain, no gain?

    Take care, fellow Wranglers…

    Tight lines, to you–one and all!

    ___tklop (user 10640)


    T. A. Klopfenstein

    Oh, yeah–and another thing: After I had turned that Power Saver feature off, I didn’t see this issue at those lower levels, as I’d mentioned in an earlier reply.


    Tight lines and true spears, fellow Wranglers!

    ___tklop (uid 10640)



    Good feedback here.

    So do you know if the actual countdown meter hits 0 seconds, and then starts to recharge? And then awhile later the game finally triggers the call to stop giving you extra gold for taps? I’m assuming yes, and if that’s the case.. this should be fixed in v1.71.

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