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    Tim Klopfenstein

    As the title indicates, this is not the place for bugs or issues–that’s better over in the Bug Reports section.

    Here, we can dream big, and maybe if the Captain of this game, Sir Joe, decides he likes an idea he’ll implement it. Or maybe he won’t… But that’s not really the point–but anyways…

    My first suggestion:

    Since Mana is handed out based on progression, I think it’d be awful sweet to get some indexed Mana earnings based on my AMOC and Skills’ levels.

    My second suggestion: Now that we can go beyond level 1009 with our deckhands (all hail Captain Joe), some new stuff to unlock would be cool (maybe a level 1200 unlock or the like).

    Though the deckhands’ damage being scattered has aided the course of game progression, now their strength vs. Upgrade Cost is way out of balance. Maybe that imbalance could be corrected with another upgrade (of course each Deckhand of course would need something different).

    That way, each Deckhand would still be contributing–was my idea…

    Anyway, tight lines everyone!


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    Tim Klopfenstein

    And here’s my third suggestion:

    On Fish Wrangler, RLC purchases award bonuses (speed boost, catch boost, no ads, etc.

    My idea is to offer further in-game advantages, to those who buy pearls. Perhaps, if someone buys a certain minimum amount of pearls, they might get 100% bonus mana for 30 days–for example.

    This sells more pearls (making Captain Joe happy), and further fuels interest in the game…

    So, that’s it then!

    Tight lines, everyone…


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    Tim Klopfenstein

    Here’s my fourth suggestion:

    Bring in a Treasure Chest feature (as suggested by the existence of the Clover of Grenwich power), but one perhaps similar in nature to the one on Fish Wrangler–which offered gold, or perhaps even various temporary boosts (+2% Critical chance next three hours; 25% Gold Boost for 12 hours; 10% Upgrade discount for three hours; etc. Of course only Sir Joe would know what the percentages, or the duration of these boosts ought to be, I’m just tossing out some examples from off the top of my head. And stat could be boosted, pearls given away, etc.

    Anyways, that’s the gist of it…

    Tight lines, everyone…

    Click Now! 🙂


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    Tim Klopfenstein

    Suggestion number 5:

    Let us edit our posts here in the forum.

    I know editing can help me be more precise.

    Besides, posting from my phone poses many problems, including faulty auto-complete, and my inability to see full-width.

    So, yeah. Not as exciting maybe, but that’s number 5.

    Tight lines everyone,


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    What happens when you try to edit? I’m able to.. but I’m logged in.. maybe it’s different?

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    I do like the mana boost idea..

    I’m going to see what happens with these current changes.

    My biggest priority is seeing us keep new users in the game.. and fixing any other new bugs.. and then trying to sell more pearls to keep me working here.

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    Tim Klopfenstein

    I think that maybe only you (as admin) get to edit. Or maybe I just am not seeing how!

    Anyways, thanks for the update. I will be buying some pearls soon to celebrate!

    Tight lines, everyone…

    ___tklop (user 10640)

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    T. A. Klopfenstein

    As suggested elsewhere, a leader board would be nifty.

    Also–don’t forget that Mana Boost idea, Sir Joe…

    I’m itching to spend a little more on Pearls, but could use some more incentive! 😉

    Remember how well that worked with the RLC? And jeez, Louise, look how many perks are attached to an RLC purchase! Can buy and hold more chums, speed boost, RLC catch boost, no ads, better odds of catching rare fish… The list is long–and wonderful! So, yeah–let’s not forget to consider sweetening the ‘ol pot over here too! 🙂


    Thanks again for all your hard work, Joe–here and over at FW.

    Tight lines, all…


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    Timothy Klopfenstein


    Let us renew our “Watch-An-Advert and get a 4 hour Gold Boost” within say 15 minutes of it’s expiration.

    When the time remaining for the “Watch Ad +100% gold for 4 hours” boost is down to say, fifteen minutes until it runs out, I propose you let us go ahead and watch another ad a little bit early, allowing us to renew that boost seamlessly.


    That’s my latest!

    Tight lines and true spears, Wranglers…

    Click it and then click it again!

    ___tklop (user ID 10640)

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