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    Timothy Klopfenstein

    Last night, I finally get my RPS up to 1MM! Collected my pearls–yippee!

    But this morning, they’re not there. Nope. Back to the 16 pearls I had before cashing in that achievement.

    Granted, they’re not worth a whole heck of a lot, but it’s still a bummer–and I’m pretty sure this isn’t the way the game is supposed to go.


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    Tklop (User id 10640)

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    Timothy Klopfenstein

    I have had this happen again now, but with some Pearls I purchased.

    I made the purchase (through Google Play), the Pearls rained down, adding to my total–everything seemed just fine.

    Since I was at a pretty high level (375), I opted to re-boot. I’d also just watched an ad, and figured it was best to reboot before using my Golden Spirit (as we all know, the payout decreases as the display gets slower and choppier).

    But when I restarted the game, the Pearls I’d purchased were gone.

    I tried a Restore–to a few minutes earlier, and that too didn’t help. Bummer.

    Now–I’ve already contacted Captain Joe about this, and I figure whenever he gets down through his gigantic stack of e-mails, and discovers mine, he’ll help me sort it out. I’m not worried about that–Joe Faron is a stand-up fella. It’s gonna be fine.

    So, I’m posting this, as a sort-of alert to others!

    Until we know what’s going on, here’s what I suggest:

    If you get some more Pearls (by reaching one of your Achievements, or by making a purchase), I reccomend you do NOT reboot right away.

    Now, I have no idea how long to wait–that’s another puzzle, I suppose. But given my experience, I think I would wait a half-hour–just to be sure–before rebooting.

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    ___Tklop (user ID 10640)

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    Timothy Klopfenstein

    Got the pearls sorted!

    Thanks Cap’n Joe!

    Still not sure why the reboot caused a problem, but I’m just going to make sure I wait a few minutes from now on, just to be on the safe-side. And–keeping in mind that those involuntary shutdowns still happen sometimes, it’d pay to reboot BEFORE you buy pearls, so you eliminate that risk.

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