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    Timothy Klopfenstein

    Hi there fellow wranglers…

    To put it simply: They stack.

    How do you like to stack them?

    To get the most out of Golden Spirit, one can activate other skills first (lucky strike, then fisherman rage. then tap of fury, and finally golden spirit).

    I used the stacking before–same sequence, but ending with the Mighty Strike–and it’s one helluva nighty strike when you do–but only just TODAY figured out I could maximize my GS payout too…

    This game just keeps getting cooler! (though my phone remains plenty toasty)

    Only real problem is, with the sequence above–is I’d also like to use my Wild Clone to really amp things up–but even fresh out of a restart, it’s just too much–and he freezes almost immediately (I think I got ten seconds out of the little guy once).


    Tight lines and true spears, Wranglers!

    Click it like you mean it!

    ___Tklop (user ID 10640)

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    Adam Westbury

    Yep. Agree. Phone nearly starts a fire when all activated. Mine also freezes.

    Keep playing.

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    Timothy Klopfenstein

    Sadly, I busted the screen on my old phone. But then happily, the new one is a LOT more resistant to these memory issues–though it certainly still does get really buggy after awhile, and still needs reboots, it’s not hot anymore, so that’s a really big improvement. I could’ve ironed my clothes with my HTC One M8s while playing Ocean Clicker, and that’s no exaggeration.

    Keep clicking!


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    Timothy Klopfenstein

    Regarding the stacking of powers:

    Wild Clone’s reels don’t count toward Golden Spirit. I think they ought to–honestly–but can’t imagine that doing anything but causing huge memory headaches–so it’s probably best that it doesn’t.

    Wild Clone won’t go it’s full course of time, it’ll just freeze (as earlier described in these forums), if you try to combine it with Lucky Strike and Deckhand Rage as well.

    Wild Clone just doesn’t seem to like stacking as much as the others seem to.

    Having said that, it all starts getting buggy at high levels, even after fresh reboots, and above level 425 or so, it’s probably going to get so choppy that it pays out better without stacking.

    The race up to 175 though is sure getting easier, as the powers and multipliers add up!

    Keeping at it pays off!



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    Adam Westbury

    Level 425……wow. I struggle to 415.

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    Timothy Klopfenstein

    Hmmm… Actually, it seems when it comes to Golden Spirit–nothing stacks.

    It was an illusion, sadly.

    The skills that affect damage do stack, but not when it comes to gold.


    Click like mad, everybody!

    Tklop (UserID 10640)

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    Timothy Klopfenstein

    Keep at it. Keep grinding through. Keep buying new powers and try to level them up strategically. Reducing the number of fish per level by one, is also a 10% cut in gold earnings per level. So, if you increase gold collection by 10% after that, you’re only breaking even as far as gold earnings. As an example.

    Anyway, gotta get some clicks in…

    Tklop (user 10640)

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    Timothy Klopfenstein

    Creeping up on that next Power purchase…

    This one, which will be my number 23 , is gonna cost me 22877 Mana.

    Exponential cost increases.

    This is the problem, and always has been.

    Exponentially, the price of powers skyrockets out of reach, while the pathetic means of earning Mana does not keep up.

    I’ve got the “Mana Boost” power. I earn (currently) +350% Mana.

    It’s nowhere nearly enough.

    Just saying…

    Click like mad, Wranglers!

    tklop (user ID 10640)

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