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    Adam Westbury

    Hi Joe.
    6 months ago i could get to L400 in a few days but then would bog down. No issues there. So i build up mana and buy “rum of the blackbeard” and “medal of valkyrie” thinking they will help progress 5 or more levels. But now it seems like they are working in reverse. I really struggle to get to L380 and L400 takes over 2 weeks. Perhaps the calculations are off?
    Still love the game.
    Adam #8

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    Tim Klopfenstein

    Dang. I’ve been leveling those up too. Hope they’re working right!

    Things are going really freezy at those upper levels now. Since that too-big-payout, powers bug was fixed, I’ve never been able to make it as far.

    I’m getting closer though, got my Golden Spirit clock up to two and a half minutes, but it’ll take twice that before I can afford to go past 435.

    We might also need more power from our AMOC’s! I mean our Fish Wranglers!

    Tight lines, and good luck!

    TKlop (user 10640)

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