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    Adam Westbury

    Hi Joe.
    6 months ago i could get to L400 in a few days but then would bog down. No issues there. So i build up mana and buy “rum of the blackbeard” and “medal of valkyrie” thinking they will help progress 5 or more levels. But now it seems like they are working in reverse. I really struggle to get to L380 and L400 takes over 2 weeks. Perhaps the calculations are off?
    Still love the game.
    Adam #8

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    Tim Klopfenstein

    Dang. I’ve been leveling those up too. Hope they’re working right!

    Things are going really freezy at those upper levels now. Since that too-big-payout, powers bug was fixed, I’ve never been able to make it as far.

    I’m getting closer though, got my Golden Spirit clock up to two and a half minutes, but it’ll take twice that before I can afford to go past 435.

    We might also need more power from our AMOC’s! I mean our Fish Wranglers!

    Tight lines, and good luck!

    TKlop (user 10640)

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    Timothy Klopfenstein

    I think the Rum of the Blackbeard might be okay–I’ve been leveling it up again some more, and it does seem to be increasing the tap damage (at least it’s noticeable until the deckhands kick in anyway).

    But I am afraid you may be right about the Medal of the Valkyrie. I levelled it up another couple levels (now up to 32) and I think you may be right, it may actually be REDUCING my Gold payout.

    I hope Captain Joe can take a minute from his busy schedule to take a peek at this. As hard as it is to earn Mana, I’d hate to be spending it only to wind up making things harder for myself!

    Tight lines amd true spears, fellow Wranglers…

    Let’s go click something!

    ___Tklop (user ID 10640)

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    Timothy Klopfenstein

    Sorry–no edit function.

    On a side-note, I’m confused about what is adding what exactly anyway:

    Medal of the Valkyrie adds a percentage “Fish Gold” I’m afraid this one actually may decrease my income, but either way, since ALL the income in the game comes from the Fish, I’m not sure how this would be different from the Ring of Life exactly.

    Clover of Green adds a percentage “Deckhand Gold” I’m guessing this means when I’m NOT fishing, the little blinking Treasure Chest payout will increase. I’ve yet to notice any difference, but have leveled it up anyway!

    Ring of Life adds a percentage “Gold Collection” This one increases my income, by since ALL the income in the game comes from the Fish, I’m not sure how this would be different from the Medal of the Valkyrie.

    Skull of Sea Tiger adds a perentage “Boss Gold” This one does what it says, and boosts Boss Gold payout (and subsequently the Golden Spirit payout vs. Boss).

    I thought (under a previous User ID–from a previous device) that there was also one to increase Rare Fish Gold maybe–I don’t know. But that would be clear–like the Boss Gold one is.

    Anybody know what the difference is between Gold Collection and Fish Gold?


    ___Tklop (user ID 10640)

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    Adam Westbury


    I do not have ring of life yet. I have 20 powers to date.

    I have not seen the rare fish increase gold.

    Like you said. Some powers you can see do work. Others seem to slow progress.

    Perhaps after next FW release and Halloween fish, Capt Joe might have a look. I will just keep getting the ones i know work for now.

    Adam #8

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    Timothy Klopfenstein

    I agree something is amiss here.

    Many things, probably.

    I got a power reduces Boss Health.

    This power isn’t working consistently. The amount of boss health varies wildly.

    Fresh reboot, fresh Prestige, the power works for the first five levels, then cuts out after the “location change”–but if I reboot, it kicks in again–though the boss health isn’t consistent.

    The strange behavior is most noticeable at low levels, when the damage numbers are small, it makes it much more apparent.

    Now–yeah. I could go and get screenshots (I’ve dozens already of other “troubleshooting” stuff), I could really try to nail it all down as well as I can… But I have the feeling, that it’s just maybe two of us playing this game anymore.

    So, I doubt seriously if our Fearless Captain Joe–who’s up to his eyeballs in awesome new advances over at Fish Wrangler–is going to think it’s worth investing a whole lot of time over here. I cannot say I blame him, if that’s the case,

    Tight lines, and true-flying spears, Wranglers!

    Click-it-like-you-stole-it… Oh, wait–that doesn’t sound quite right…

    Tklop (user ID 10640)

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