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    Hi. Im stuck level 51.i have a fungi fish that sometimes changes to a joan of arc. I have 4 deckhands but am not catching or defeating anything or earning any coins by doing so. My use id is NaN (undefined) if that helps. I’m playing on android. Version 1.23.



    I’m stuck at level 51, too. Same build. I just prestiged, and now I’m not advancing. The fish changes every time I log in.



    Sorry-my user name is Lugebootie. I’m still stuck on level 51. No amount of fishing reduces the HP.



    I don’t see your user name in our database.. which means I can’t test your exact position in the game.. I’ll try to re-create it otherwise.. concerning that I’m not seeing any of your updates on our end though.



    I am having the same issue and happens after every prestige. The only cure I have found is to make it rain gold but that means using pearls every time



    Username is darrenbrown1971


    Tim Klopfenstein

    It’s the same problem. Fish leveling. These users prestige, get more powerful, then BLAZE through fifty or so game levels worth of level one fish and bosses (and their corresponding miniscule payouts), and then BLAM! Suddenly all the fish DO catch up to the correct level, but now the users can’t afford to buy anything, and are too weak to damage those level fifty fish.

    It’s the leveling.

    Fix the leveling problem, and these users won’t keep getting stuck.

    And if these users restart the game after each boss, they won’t have any fun, but they will be able to prevent this from happening again.

    How ’bout that 1.24 update? Whenever it arrives, Won’t that help?

    Tight lines, everyone…

    Click NOW!




    I’m new to the game and manage to reach lvl 51 and is slammed with a 181billion HP Joan of Arc. My tap damage is only 9.79k and no matter how long I tap, I’m unable to damage it.

    User ID 11033 (Ronagl)


    Jeffrey Lott

    That’s what was happening to me as well, and pretty sure your right about the levelling being the root cause.

    I’m just checking in every once in a while to see if an update occurs before I try to Prestige again. Ended up wasting a bunch of pearls to make it rain, just to advance when the Cloud wasn’t working.


    Tim Klopfenstein

    I’m grinding it out at Lvl 355 (for now), waiting for the update as well, before my next prestige.

    This issue with the fish leveling has absolutely killed the game for many users, I am afraid.

    And I don’t know how the stuck users are ever going to get unstuck, unless Kind and Generous Sir Joe floats them enough gold to buy their way out of their jam…

    Restarting every time I defeat a boss does fix this problem (sort of), but that renders many other things useless such as any Powers lasting longer than thirty seconds, etc. The joys of blasting through dozens of levels and bosses, racing through the tedious first hundred or so levels, and enjoying how much faster still it all gets with permanent powers–all that is lost, if you restart after each boss… but at least you can afford your upgrades.

    I hope we won’t have to wait too much longer for 1.24… I’m not sure how much further I’m going to be able to get–it’s almost a brick wall already!

    Good luck to everyone, stuck or not…

    Tight lines,




    I’m trying to debug some of this stuff now.. If we were making more money on this game I’d be more on top of stuff..

    but it’s not looking like google play is going to push new users to use anytime soon. :\



    Don’t see this user in our system.. is that it exactly? What’s your user id?



    This will be fixed in 1.24.

    I feel horrible about this. 🙁

    Going to seen if I can fix any other major bugs.

    The level of the fish weren’t increasing until level 51. :\


    Adam Westbury

    This seems fixed with v1.51.

    Cheers Adam #8

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