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    Mine is the Eye of the Krakken.

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    Tim Klopfenstein

    Seahorse extract (increase mana payout)

    After that, it depends on what phase of the game I’m in.

    All the cooldown powers also deliver a nice damage boost, so there’s that…

    My second favorite (after the deckhands hit that level 1001+ boost), is Dragos of Dragon (shorten Golden Spirit cooldown).

    If Charm of the Krakken worked (discounts purchases) it’d probably make my number one–especially if it’s discounts affected all upgrades, including Mana!

    I am not familiar with your favorite, Bill. What does it do?

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    Minus 1 fish per stage plus some damage. Maxes out at level 5. Wish I could get a mana power. Powers are expensive now.

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    Adam Westbury

    Eye of Krakken
    Heros spear
    Wish others worked. They will one day.

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    Tim Klopfenstein

    What does Hero’s Spear do?

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    Tim Klopfenstein

    I do not have all the powers I used to. I’ve reset the game. But I had one which increased the odds of catching rare fish. It wouldn’t ever have been my favorite (mostly just a novelty power–like critical chance), but it did work. Until I leveled it up a bunch, I admit it was hard to see much difference. But those Admirals just started showing up all over the place!

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    Adam Westbury

    Increases critical damage chance.
    My rare fish one (barbarian counch) is one that does seem to work.

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    T. A. Klopfenstein

    I’ve picked up a couple new ones since my last posting…

    I think the Mana Boost Power is still the most valuable to me–though leveling it beyond 100% boost gets pretty expensive.

    The Discount Power is awesome–maxes out at 50% discount. Sadly, it doesn’t discount Mana. So much for working on ALL discounts!

    The Golden Spirit Duration power is AWESOME, as is the Golden Spirit Reset Time Power…

    Those last three are enhanced IMMENSELY by the Boss Gold Power (which makes the Golden Spirit payout bigger). These four combine to make an incredible boost to earnings and spending capacity.

    So, my #1 is the Mana Boost, and my #’s 2 thru 5 combine to let me spend like a billionaire–pretty much!

    Anyone else have any new comments?

    Tight lines and true spears, everybody!


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