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    Adam Westbury

    V1.51 just prestige and its still happening but its not happening…….ok……..the wild clone hit points seem to be working but the animation either stops or goes sporadic. It slows down or stops if your tapping really fast or activate other heroes. But it does work so no real big issue. Its just like he is being a lazy bugger when being helped. He works fine if you dont tap the screen even if other heros are selected.
    Adam #8

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    T. A. Klopfenstein

    I had this again today, with Wild Clone at Level 16, fighting the boss, in Game Area 388.

    Later on, after a restart, while fighting the boss in Game Area 390, I had no problem.

    Anyways, Sir Joe, I thought you’d want to know it’s still happening sometimes, but that you’re also probably right about it being a memory issue…

    Tight lines, everybody!

    ___tklop (user 10640)

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    T.A. can you reproduce this more often in power saving mode?

    Still puzzled by this one..

    Do believe it’s related to memory..

    The damage is based on how fast the little guy on your screen taps.. 😐

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    Adam Westbury

    Joe. Seems to be ok now. Can not replicate
    Adam #8

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    T. A. Klopfenstein

    I’ve had it disappear altogether WAY too early one time, but no frozen silhouette lately.

    I’m going to try to make a serious push for that Level 500 achievement (though I doubt I can do it any time soon), so when my levels get up there, we’ll see.

    I do think it’s memory-related. Can’t verify for sure if it was worse with Power Saver on or not, but it’s possible.

    Thing is, it never happened consistently. That was what was so frustrating from my point of view as well. If it were predictable, I’d maybe have some chance of avoiding the problem–or circumventing it, or whatever.

    If the problem resurfaces, I’ll repost here.

    Hopefully, that won’t need to happen!

    Tight lines, everyone…

    ___tklop (user 10640)

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    T. A. Klopfenstein

    I still can’t make any sense of this.

    Almost all these malfunctions start just after Wild Clone is activated, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Wild Clone malfunction by itself–by which I mean that the malfunctions always seem to occur when activating several (or all) of the other skills simultaneously with Wild Clone.

    Sometimes the Wild Clone animation freezes, and sometimes when this happens, the additional damage keeps going, and sometimes the additional damage stops.

    Sometimes the Wild Clone animation disappears completely, and the additional damage stops, and you get to watch the timer slowly tick down the seconds until your power SHOULD HAVE expired.

    All the problems with Wild Clone get worse and worse, the higher in game-levels one gets.

    And yes–it’s still broken

    Tight lines and true spears, fellow Wranglers…

    ___Tklop (user id 10640)

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    Timothy Klopfenstein


    Been seeing this off and on quite a bit.

    I agree that it does seem to be memory-related, but kind of like when we had to restart the game constantly to prevent our games from getting “stuck”–I think it’s also pretty clear that we shouldn’t have to restart the game every time we want to use our powers–Wild Clone, or any other.

    Which brings me to kind of a greater point: Memory issues.

    Here’s some things I notice:
    1) My device gets REALLY HOT when I don’t reboot it, and the problem is worst if I’ve been upgrading.
    A) Other times the game gets laggy, freezes, game-play action stutters, reboots involuntarily, etc.
    i) During my first fifty-plus levels after a Prestige–if I don’t reboot
    ii) If I try using Golden Spirit directly after watching an ad–if I don’t reboot
    iii) If I try using multiple powers simultaneously after watching an ad–if I don’t reboot
    iv) Whenever I start making a lot of upgrades at one time–if I don’t reboot
    v) All goes quite slow, and game play always becomes quite jittery at high game levels.
    2) I get the feeling that there’s something weird about the way the game calculates stuff. Seems to me, each upgrade just adds a line of math, to a rapidly growing forumula for damage, coin pay, etc. From the way my device acts, it’s as if all these calculations don’t get summarized in any kind of useful way, until the game reboots. Then, all these “factors” are condensed into maybe some base number, and then the upgrades start building on that all over again.|
    A) If indeed there IS some crazy stuff like that happening, that would explain:
    i) Why the game gets buggier and buggier, the longer it has been running.
    ii) Why rebooting seems to help.
    3) Here’s what I’d like to see: A built-in way for the game to handle this little problem, so we don’t have to reboot at all.
    A) Remember that dark screen that comes up when you “Unlocked Dark Crescent” (or any other “new” area–after Prestige)…? Remember that? How about you just do that screen–every say, twenty-five levels or so–just a tiny extra pause there–and let the game reset it’s little brain, so we can spare the rebooting?
    B) Now–I’m not a programmer, so if that idea above doesn’t fly–can we find another way please?


    Me trying to troubleshoot these things…

    Tight lines, and true spear, Wranglers!

    Click like you mean it!


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    Timothy Klopfenstein

    Another thought about those little possible pause-moments, where the GAME could find a way to “reset” instead of making us users constantly have to reboot…

    I thought of that dark-screen moment earlier–the one where you unlock a new area… Even once they’re all unlocked, the background does change every so-many levels (don’t recall just HOW many–haven’t been paying attention)…

    Here’s my idea: Make that dark-screen pause happen whenever those backgrounds are scheduled to change–and accomplish the suggested “reset” in-game function I mentioned–to prevent us from rebooting… And then change the message on that dark-screen from “Unlocked (location)” to “Traveling to (location)”–so that dark-screen makes sense, in terms of game-flow and plot.

    I’d not mind that a bit, myself–those little dark screens–announcing that I’m traveling to Dark Crescent, or to Dead Water, or wherever. And if these tiny pauses would be enough for your little “calculation mess” to get sorted periodically, then it’d be WAY BETTER than having to reboot all the time…

    Tight lines and true spears, fellow Wranglers…

    (and the mad clicking frenzy resumes)

    ___Tklop (user 10640)

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    Adam Westbury

    Great idea.

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