Woah, woah, woah. Mana sure adds up slow.

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    Timothy Klopfenstein

    Hey, Captain Joe!

    A little sailor’s ditty for you:


    A long time ago, Captain Joe–Captain Joe…

    I had an idea–to make this game really go!

    Mana Boost with donations–say three days for ten–

    Or a month worth of boost–if I drop half a Ben (Franklin–that is).

    I wagered back then–and I wager today,

    Offering up such a boost would bring dollars your way!

    Many players (like me) would buy Pearls–lots more–

    And our in-game progression would be less of a bore.

    Too best snatch up that boost, players clicks would speed up;

    For the more they Prestige, the more Boost they’ll rack up!

    It’s a win-win for you, it’s a win-win for us!

    And this game needs a boost–to keep from going bust.

    Fish Wrangler made donating for Love Chums so great,

    When you offered us bonuses–loaded the plate!

    Don’t know all the numbers–that’s your game not mine,

    But I bet those donations flowed faster in time!

    So toss us a bone, over here at O.C.

    For all us poor Wranglers–for you and for me!


    Of course the amounts of donation, and the corresponding length of boost could be whatever you thought was right, Sir Joe.

    P.S. I’ve got a half-Ben waiting to “Donate” — should you still think this is a nifty idea.

    Thanks again for a fun game!

    Tight lines and true spears, Wranglers…


    (user 10640)

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